Alex House

The Jamestown, NY Chapter of Oxford House, Inc has openings at “The Alex House” a home for recovering men.  We currently have two “Alex House” homes in operation in Jamestown for recovering men.

Roommates Wanted: To live in a house in a good neighborhood. Must be a recovering addict or alcoholic who is willing to work hard, pay your own way, and help each other stay clean.

If you think your recovery would benefit by living in an Oxford House, please contact our Outreach Director for more information:

Kim Carlson – 716.499.5070

Q. What is Oxford House™?
A. Oxford Houses are family houses that groups of recovering individuals rent to live together in an environment supportive of recovery from addiction. Each house is self-run and self-supported following a standardized system of democratic operation.

Q. What are the conditions of a chartered Oxford House?
A. The three conditions are: [1] the group must be democratically run; [2] the group must be financially self-supported, and [3] the group must expel any resident who uses alcohol or drugs in or out of the house.

Q. How do Oxford Houses make treatment more effective?
A. Treatment providers recognize the value of time and support for the recovering drug addict and alcoholic to learn and become comfortable with new behavior. Living in an Oxford House provides an environment supportive of recovery.

Q. How do Oxford Houses operate?
A. They are self-run and financially self-supported rented houses. The system of Oxford House operations is taught to a new resident by trained outreach workers with support from the local recovery community. The residents pay the operating costs of the recovery homes and operations are maintained by following the disciplined, democratic, self-help system of operation used for more than 33 years since the first Oxford House was started. Nearly 80% of the residents in Oxford Houses stay clean and sober.(1)

About 50% of Oxford House residents nationally continue aftercare counseling. Residents also go to an average of 5 AA or NA meetings a week – even though there is no requirement to do so. Oxford Houses provide the additional support and the time to learn new behavior. No wonder 80% of the residents stay clean and sober!

(1) See the De Paul University studies funded by NIDA and NIAAA grants. Reported in AP story August 18, 2005.

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