JHS Battle Raises Funds For Alex Foulk Foundation

As printed in the Jamestown Post-Journal on April 7, 2017

Mike Rukavina
Lead Paginator

Jamestown High School’s gymnasium seemed more like a colosseum on Thursday night, thanks to the annual Battle of the Classes.

Between the Herculean efforts put in by the students and staff, the chanting crowds and the boisterous music, the event went off without a hitch and raised thousands of dollars for a good cause in the meantime. The Alex Foulk Foundation and the Alex George Gregory Foulk Memorial Fund received $12,517 from the four classes at JHS, thanks to their fundraising efforts. Kim Carlson, Alex Foulk’s mother, thanked the students and staff. Foulk was a graduate of Jamestown High School. Carlson said she knew what it meant to be a proud Red Raider because her son was a Red Raider.

“The excitement in this room is what’s going to get everyone through their hard times in life,” she said. “It speaks volumes to our community that this (school) has raised the amount of money that they’ve raised in the past 38 years. You should be proud of yourselves – you’ve done a phenomenal job.”

Carlson said their hardwork and support of the cause is also close to her heart, and sends a specific message.

“It also says to me that you want to be part of a change,” she said. “You are paying attention to what is happening in our communities and our country. You can be that change, and you can be the generation that says ‘We’re not going to let this happen to our friends, we’re not going to fall into this addiction.’”

Overall, she said the students should be themselves and always reach out for help when they need it, no matter what.

“No matter where you go in life, stay true to yourself and remember this: no matter what the problem is, whether it’s big or small, you can always ask for help,” Carlson said. “Be confident in yourself, be strong and be proud.”

Tony Dolce, JHS teacher and senior class advisor, said the cause was near and dear to the students’ hearts.

“This year we chose the Alex Foulk Foundation,” Dolce said. “(Alex’s parents) have put together a foundation in his honor for rehabilitation for our community, and so at this time, on behalf of the student organization, I would like to present Kim Carlson with a check for $12,517.”

The students participated in a variety of activities such as a tug o’ war, basketball, a relay race, an art competition and a dance competition. For videos of the dances, find The Post-Journal on Facebook.

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